How To Write an Artist Statement

One challenge of being an artist is writing your Artist Statement! How do I talk about myself and not feel like a self absorbed, pretentious person? But we need to let people know who we are, after all it’s the business we are in. The Art Business - scary words for some. But we live for our art. It’s who we are it’s our duty to clearly present ourselves.

I came across this post by the website Pixpa and “How to write an artist statement…” and wanted to share. [ Pixma: How To Write An Artist Statement ]

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Writings & Tips

 Omorphy’s Three Point Circle 

 The Three Point Circle refers to the three points I think an artist need to master in
order to foster a successful art career, or a successful career in general. 

 The points are: 

  - Photography (or your main creative subject) 

  - Branding 

 - Viewer/User Experience – VUX 

These are the things I need to keep balanced in order to stay afloat and relevant.
Let’s break down those points. 


 Since my priority is my photography, I need to get this one right. Details I decided to
focus on are: 

    • Mastering and using the photography gear effectively. You can then focus on the subject. 

    • Understand Lighting. It’s one of the most important elements in capturing a great photo. 

    • Create a compelling story or style that provokes thought. If no one is moved by your work, good or bad, you are not doing it right. Identifying who or what the subject is in the work - Does it fit into the story and can people relate to it? 

     • Location matters. It helps gives the sense of spatiality and atmosphere. Can your audience imagine themselves in the space? 


My brand is Omorphy Photos. In this case the name is unique which helps. 

Branding should compliment ALL social media and other forms of presentations
(websites, post-cards, posters, etc…). 

     • Apply your brand consistently throughout ALL your social media and general distribution channels. 

     • Use consistent font types and colors. It’s an identifier. 

     • Create clean, eye pleasing layouts. This is paramount! Your audience should
have fewer distractions so they keep focus on the subject. 

     • Express your style as it helps maintains focus. In my case the focus is
Themed Art Nudes.      

     • Post regularly on Social Media using relevant and evolving tags related to the
subject of the images posted. 

     • Always have business or post-cards ready to hand out with all your contact
information and website(s)/social media information. 

     • Actively engage with your social media followers and new people you meet.
Remember to respond to most, if not all, feedback. 

Viewer/User Experience 

The person who takes their time to engage with your work should always be
One never knows if that person might convert from a Viewer to a User to a

     • Spend time tweaking your presentation. Curate a product that will make the viewer feel something. 

     • When interacting with your website, make sure the user can navigate easily to sections or categories with clearly defined titles. Use simple one-click options to get back to the homepage. 

     • Keep your work updated and highlight your latest work’s. In this fast-paced world, audience attention span is fleeting. The task of updating can be very time-consuming. So how does one balance this? One option is to serve them teasers and promotions if applicable. 

     • Be open and engaging! This is a tough one for me since I am very private. Just always remember that your fans want to know more about you, so share your works and related discoveries. 

     • Always have your contact information available and redundant. This should be on ALL social media sites/apps with a link to your website so they can view/learn more. 

     • Follow up with users on days that matter to them - Take notice of their moments, birthdays, and holidays and simply say hi. This makes them feel special and may help build your following. 

     • Finally, present your work with an emphasis on quality. Your work is valuable so treat it as such. 

Next article to follow: Art and Money 

Her In Tulle: Immersive photo show on MAY 6th 2017: 7pm doors open

Welcome to the Her in Tulle immersive photo show created by Omorphy.

This is the fourth installment of the Omorphy photos series and is the most immersive to date.  Date of event is on Saturday May 6th 2017 starting at 7pm. Performance starts at 8:30 pm.

Address will be revealed when you get your confirmation email after purchasing tickets here [ ].

There will be music, tulle deco, custom chocolate treats compliments of Bill Tice, and teasing Tulle Nymphs to get you in the spirit of the tulle. And of course photos to reveal.

For tickets: [ ]

Looking forward to seeing you there. And I highly encourage you to dress up in Tulle.

Here are some photos that will be presented: [ ]






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