Om's Headshots

Due to increasing requests Omorphy is now offering Creative Head-shot services. 

We will be offering a few packages outlined below.

Om Headshot client photos

Prices and Packages

Om 2 Looks Headshot $275

+ tax (if prints or Discs are handed over)


- 1 hour photo session

- 2 clothing changes

- 1 simple backdrop

- 2 lightly edited photos

- 1 print

Om 4 Looks Headshot $600 

+ tax (if prints or Discs are handed over)


- 2 -1/2 hour photo session

- 4 clothing changes

- 2 backdrops

- 4 edited photos

- 2 prints

Om Creative Package $1200

+ tax (if prints or Discs are handed over)


- 4 hour photo session

- 6+ clothing changes

- 4 backdrops

- 8 edited photos

- 4 prints

Add up to 2 other persons for an additional hour of time


For a Make up Artist ( MUA ) there's an additional cost of $150 + tax for one hour. Each additional hour costs $25. 

Additional edits and / or prints at an extra $25 each.

We would like to know a little about you. 

Many need head-shots for many reasons including Social media [ Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter ], for Acting, Dating platforms [ Tinder, OK cupid, etc...], job applications and more.

We would to know more about the purpose of your headshots and we would try to assist in you if needed the best approach to get the photo that  yields the best result. 

Enter your name, email and other info below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

The Om team.

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